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California workers file wage and hour claims against resort

When employees suffer mistreatment on the job, it could come in various forms. Discrimination, harassment and wage theft are all common injustices that numerous workers face every day. Because the income made often allows individuals to provide for themselves and their families, not being properly compensated for work can seem especially difficult to handle. Luckily, parties may be able to take action through wage and hour claims.

It was recently reported that a class action lawsuit is underway in California due to wage violations. Reports stated that multiple workers at a luxury resort have indicated that their employers require workers to miss breaks, and after missing those breaks, the workers are reportedly then told to doctor the time sheets to make it appear as if they did take their breaks. This falsification results in their employer not having to compensate them for working during those times.

Additionally, workers have to buy many of the supplies needed to carry out their job-related duties. However, they are not reimbursed for those purchases. They are also not paid for travel time that it takes to get to work even though they are required to park off-site.

These violations can seriously hinder the workers financially, and moving forward with the lawsuit was likely in their best interests. If other California workers feel that they are not receiving proper compensation for their provided services, they may wish to consider filing wage and hour claims of their own. Consulting with employment law attorneys may help them better understand their options and whether such action could suit their circumstances.

Source: laist.com, “Workers At Luxury Rancho Palos Verdes Resort Sue Over Alleged Wage Theft Violations”, Julia Wick, Oct. 19, 2017

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