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Employee Compensation Commission Law

Commissions are an important part of the compensation package for many people in sales and other commission-based occupations. A commission can be an important incentive for employees to do their best work – as their net pay is directly linked to how well they perform. However, the calculation and payout of commissions can be complicated, and it is not uncommon for employees to think they have not been given the full commission they deserve.

At Le Clerc & Le Clerc LLP, our lawyers represent employees throughout the San Francisco, California, area, in all types of compensation-based employee issues. We are a premier employment law firm in the area, and our lawyers have a track record of successful case results.

Commissions In Your Job

There are numerous issues that can arise in the area of commission-based pay:

  • Failure to pay commissions
  • Miscalculation of commissions
  • Delay in payment of commissions
  • Timing of commissions calculations

Each of these issues has numerous complications attached to them. It takes experience and knowledge in this area of law to determine whether or not you have a valid claim. Our attorneys know the law and we have handled many issues arising from commission-based contracts.

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