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Were You a Victim of Wage and Hour Violations in California?

California law requires employers to compensate employees fairly for their work. This includes paying people for all hours worked, providing meal and rest breaks, paying overtime, and compensating workers according to minimum wage. Failing to do this is considered a wage and hour violation. 

These violations can lead to serious financial consequences for employees who may not know their rights. At the law office of Le Clerc & Le Clerc LLP in San Francisco, our attorneys represent employees in the Bay Area and throughout the state who have been victims of wage and hour violations. 

Applying Employment Laws to Your Case

California employment laws dictate minimum wage pay and overtime wages for employees. The state also has strict requirements regarding employers documenting and maintaining payroll and other employment issues. If you suspect that your employer is violating these requirements, you may have grounds to file a wage and hour claim. 

Our lawyers have years of experience handling all types of wage and hour claims, including issues pertaining to:

We know how state and federal wage and hour laws apply to your case. We will work hard to identify any violations so you can file a claim to recover the pay and benefits you deserve.

What If I Don’t Have Records? Do I Still Have a Wage and Hour Claim?

You still have a case even if your employer failed to maintain accurate records, including keeping timesheets. Your employer is required by law to create and maintain accurate records of when you worked. Your employer must also provide you with a pay stub with accurate information on how many hours you worked and the hourly rate you will be paid.

If you did not receive accurate pay stubs or your employer altered your time records, you can still take legal action to get the pay you earned. In such instances, you can rely on other evidence, including your testimony, to establish your work hours in reasonable estimates. The burden then shifts to your employer to prove your estimates are unreasonable. In addition, failing to keep accurate records reflects poorly on them and may lead to additional penalties.

Trust Us to Help You Assert Your Rights

Wage and hour claims can be challenging to handle on your own. Don’t let your employer cheat you out of the money you are owed — our law firm knows what action to take every step of the way.To schedule a free initial consultation to see if you have a case, call us at 415-445-0900 or contact us online. We are prepared to help you stand up to your employer and pursue the compensation you’re owed for your labor.