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National Origin Harassment

At Le Clerc & Le Clerc LLP in San Francisco, our attorneys understand employment laws and how they will impact harassment claims in California. We are skilled litigators who have extensive experience representing victims of race and national origin harassment. Harassment at work can be verbal or physical and can lead to a hostile work environment. We can review your issue to determine what legal action can be taken against your employer.

Representing Employees From All Racial And Ethnic Backgrounds

We have represented many different individuals who have been victims of race or nationality harassment, including Muslim, Iranian, Persian, Arabic and Asian-Indian employees.

Harassment can be very subtle and come in many different forms, including mistaken harassment such as making fun of an employee’s name or making comments about their assumed origin or nationality. Another example is harassment against employees of Middle Eastern descent or Muslim employees following the events of Sep 11, 2001.

You Have Rights

You have rights at work and should not be subjected to any type of harassment due to your race or national origin. If you believe you have been a victim of harassment, it is important to speak to our attorneys right away. We can review your specific situation, gather evidence and explore your legal options to hold your employer accountable for its actions.

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect at work. Victims of harassment can file lawsuits against their employers — and we can help them every step of the way.

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