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Misclassification may lead to wage and hour claims

Going to work, performing duties and earning a paycheck is a common routine. Working hard is generally how most California residents earn a living that allows them to provide for themselves and their families. Even if they do not feeling that they are working their dream jobs, they may still appreciate the ability to generate a useful income. However, when an employer fails to properly compensate workers, wage and hour claims may become necessary.

It was recently reported that workers at four call centers in another state filed a complaint due to wage theft. The call centers are all operated by the same company, General Dynamics. The employees earn an hourly wage, but they believe that their positions are being misclassified and that they are being paid less than they should earn.

One worker who had been promoted twice since she started working for the company stated that the she only earns 59 cents more than when she first began at her lower-level position. She believes that she and other workers are performing duties that go beyond their classified positions but are not being properly compensated for the work. If an investigation into the complaints finds that wage theft has occurred, the company could owe approximately $100 million in back wages.

Being deprived of rightfully earned wages can easily cause tremendous hardships on workers and their families. If concerns regarding proper compensation have come about, California workers may wish to determine their best options for dealing with the issue. If they feel it could suit their needs, they may wish to consult with knowledgeable attorneys to determine whether filing wage and hour claims may be necessary.

Source: wjtv.com, “General Dynamics accused of wage theft by employees“, Lanaya Lewis, Feb. 5, 2018

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