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Wage and hour claims may be necessary to fight wage theft

Holding down a job is how most people earn their income. Because these jobs can sometimes seem tedious and often thankless, most individuals seek their pay checks as the reward for putting in their time and effort. However, when workers are not properly compensated, the improper pay can seem insulting and give cause for wage and hour claims.

It was recently reported that a California restaurant is facing considerable fines after an investigation into wage theft allegations. The popular seafood restaurant had apparently been underpaying servers since 2014 as well as not paying them for overtime and requiring them to work off the clock. These workers were reportedly paid $4 an hour in some cases, which is far below the minimum hourly wage.

Apparently, 25 workers were affected by this wage theft, and an investigation began after workers filed complaints with a civil rights group. As a result, the restaurant owners are facing over $500,000 in fines. Those fines relate to giving back pay to workers that totals $471,756 and nearly $48,000 in penalties for the wage theft and other violations.

Wage and hour claims can be effective means for obtaining rightful compensation. As this California case shows, taking this type of action may be the only way to ensure that wage theft does not continue. If other workers feel that they have been improperly compensated by employers or otherwise unjustly paid, they may wish to explore their legal options as well. Speaking with employment law attorneys could help concerned parties better understand their rights and options.

Source: Hollywood, CA Patch, “Popular Hollywood Eatery Fined $500K For Exploiting Servers“, Feb. 26, 2018

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