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Workplace harassment creates a hostile work environment

When a place of employment becomes hostile, it can have a major impact on workers. If one person in particular bears the brunt of workplace harassment, he or she may dread or even fear going to work due to the mistreatment likely to come. When parties face this type of scenario, they may wonder how to deal with the harassment, discrimination and other unseemly acts.

California residents may be interested in one woman’s case dealing with such an issue. Reports stated that the woman had come to the United States from another country in order to work as a nurse. While working, the woman was subjected to unfair treatment and bullying from her co-workers due to accent, recently entering the country and post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from childhood trauma.

The woman claims that due to the harassment she faced, she filed a complaint with the hospital’s human resources department. However, rather than offering aid, the HR department did not take any action to stop the wrongful behavior and instead told the woman she should look for other employment. As a result, the woman has filed a lawsuit against the hospital for discrimination.

Landing a dream job can be one of the greatest moments in a person’s life, but when the idea of going to work is no longer pleasant, many individuals may wonder how this was ever their dream. Workplace harassment can have many damaging effects on a person, in addition to causing their work life to suffer. If California residents have faced discrimination, harassment or other factors contributing to a hostile work environment, they may wish to consider their legal options.

Source: krqe.com, “Former UNMH nurse sues hospital for work discrimination“, Jeannie Nguyen, Feb. 12, 2018

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