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Do you feel pressured to retire?

For many people, retirement is a natural stage of life. It provides an opportunity for adults who have worked for years to take time off to travel, enjoy their families more or pursue new activities if they want to.

However, not everyone has the desire to retire. Perhaps you enjoy the work, or you need the income and are capable of performing your job well. You would be fine staying for at least a few more years except that you are feeling excessive pressure to retire. In fact, you may even be feeling harassed despite the fact that, with some exceptions, California employers cannot force their workers to retire. Here are some ways in which employers might pressure employees to leave before they are ready to.

“Jokes” that are really hostility

Your manager or even co-workers might be making jokes about your age or related issues. For example, if you forget a client’s name one day as many people do, the immediate response could be, “Uh-oh! Time to retire if you are forgetting client names all of the sudden,” and be part of a larger pattern.

Constant questions about your plans

If your manager keeps asking things like, “So when do you plan to retire?” or “Still here? When are you retiring?” then that is not okay. The same idea applies to a question such as, “What are your travel plans after you retire?” Asking something along these lines one time is fine. Asking repeatedly even if the questions are couched in a concerned, friendly or joking tone is not.

No more career development talks

Perhaps for most of your working life, you have sat down with your bosses to discuss your career development. You have taken training classes, seminars and the like to keep your skills sharp. However, you have reached a certain age, and all of the sudden, no one seems interested in your career development and in furthering your education. Meanwhile, younger employees continue to get these aspects of the job.

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