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Workplace harassment may involve cultural differences, disability

Most Californians want to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Though some days may seem more difficult than others, they can often power through and reach the end goal. However, when parties must contend with workplace harassment, their jobs may become immensely more difficult, and these actions may cause their work and personal lives to suffer.

Harassment can come in a variety of forms. When individuals are treated unfairly due to their race, religion, national origin or ethnicity, co-workers or employers could make comments or take discriminatory actions in regard to a person’s clothing, physical appearances or other traits that may represent cultural differences. Harassers in the workplace may mock individuals, verbally abuse them or constantly disrespect their cultures by attempting to make them go against their beliefs.

Harassment does not only extend to individuals with cultural differences. Individuals with disabilities can also face this type of harassing and discriminatory behavior. They may be called derogatory terms and face mockery for physical or mental differences. Harassers could even go so far as to steal needed equipment or medication in order to make a disabled person’s job — and life — more difficult.

When individuals face any type of workplace harassment, they may feel that their only options are to endure the mistreatment or leave their jobs. However, there are other routes that parties could take to address the problems. California workers who have been harassed on the job may wish to consider filing legal claims against their employers and/or other culpable parties in order to seek justice and restitution.

Source: dealermarketing.com, “Know the Different Types of Workplace Harassment, Part 2“, Kynzie Sims, May 3, 2018

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