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Pregnant women commonly face discrimination at work

Most women have goals in life that they hope to achieve. Some of those goals may involve career success, and others many involve starting a family. For many women, it is not unusual to have both of these goals in mind. While the majority of career women are perfectly capable of balancing work duties, pregnancy and motherhood, many expectant and new mothers face discrimination on the job.

It may interest California readers to know that there are laws in place that work to protect pregnant women or those who intend to become pregnant from discriminatory actions. A woman cannot be dismissed from her job simply for being pregnant, and women applying for jobs cannot be passed over because they are pregnant or plan to have children in the future. Unfortunately, laws do not always prevent employers from acting unfairly.

Many women can provide examples of facing this type of discrimination on the job. One woman stated that she needed accommodations at work due to morning sickness and being unable to lift heavy objects while pregnant, but rather than being given accommodations, her supervisor indicated that she should take unpaid leave. Other women have also endured comments in which their employers tell them that their careers will not progress because they are pregnant or have children.

Unfair treatment is something that affects many people throughout their lives. When it comes to employment situations, discrimination should not be tolerated. If California employees or prospective employees believe that they were fired, passed over for a job or otherwise mistreated due to pregnancy, they may wish to explore their legal options.

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