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Should you file a discrimination claim?

Going to work each day in California should be a positive experience. One that allows you to use your skills, expand your knowledge and participate in achieving company objectives.

Feeling as though you cannot fully embrace your job because of discrimination can create ongoing and serious problems. Knowing how to react in this situation can help you protect your well-being and your career.

Moving quickly

Discrimination can take on many forms and target lots of personal characteristics. For example, your gender, sexual orientation, age, religious affiliation, ethnic background and disability status could all trigger discriminatory behavior from others. Some examples of discrimination include the following:

  • Isolation from various team exercises
  • Inadequate training or access to resources
  • Threats of harm or physical violence
  • Derogatory remarks about you or your work
  • Withholding benefits, pay or advancement opportunities
  • Unexplained disciplinary actions or termination

If you suspect discriminatory behavior has created a hostile or unsafe work environment for you, immediately take action. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, if the statute of limitations passes, you may not have as effective of an outcome when you file a charge of discrimination.

Awaiting action

Once you file a charge, you should receive an update about your claim in an appropriate period of time. If you file your charge directly through the EEOC portal, you can access information about your case and the status of your claim each time you log in.

If you do not receive timely correspondence and continue to experience discriminatory treatment at work, you may choose to involve an attorney. A legal professional can help you organize the facts of your case to establish your claim and get you the justice you deserve.

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