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Your age and your job

If you have been in the workforce long enough, you may have experienced ageism at least once. Some employers put more emphasis on age than they do on skills, qualifications and experience. This way of thinking is especially prevalent in industries that younger people tend to dominate, such as technology and hospitality.

No matter where you work, you may be able to file an age discrimination claim. Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, your supervisors are not allowed to discriminate against you if you are 40 or older.


Age-based harassment can come from clients, colleagues or supervisors. This form of discrimination can be tricky because remarks and behaviors have to be serious enough to be illegal. The general rule of thumb is that if the harassment can lead to long-term issues such as employment changes or uncomfortable working conditions, it is against the law.


Your job may have some practices or policies that you do not even realize are ageist. For example, your employer might set up rules for everyone on your team that negatively affect your contemporaries. As long as the rule is not predicated on a factor besides age, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission would deem it age discrimination. Employment procedures such as promotions, demotions, hiring and firing should also not favor colleagues who are younger than you.

If you are dealing with age discrimination at work, you should not “get used to it” or accept it as the status quo. The people you work with should treat you with respect no matter how old you are.

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