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Why do parents need time to bond with a new baby?

Baby bonding may be a topic with which you are not familiar, especially if you are a new parent. It refers to the time after birth when you and your baby develop a relationship.

Biological mothers often have an easier time bonding with their babies because they have just carried them inside their bodies. But either parent may need more time to bond, which can be difficult if you have to return to work soon after the birth. Still, you should take advantage of any time off you can get to form this bond.


UC Davis Health explains creating a relationship with your child is essential to a healthy and happy long-term family unit. The baby is born ready to bond. It will cry and move in ways that alert you to its needs. Providing for those needs is part of the bonding experience. Having both parents involved in this process is essential to ensuring a strong bond with the baby. It also will help your child as he or she grows and learns to form relationships with others.


While right after birth is the optimal time to bond, it can happen at any time in a child’s life. The most important thing is that it happens. Adoptive parents may not even know their children until they are older. They still have that opportunity to bond, but they need time in which to do it. This is where employers come in. They must offer leave options for new parents regardless of whether the parents gave birth or adopted. Employers should cultivate good family bonds because this will help make happier and more well-adjusted employees.

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