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8 women allege sexual harassment from Charlie Rose

Many individuals find themselves in situations that make them uncomfortable. Some of those instances may be relatively innocent but anxiety-inducing nonetheless, and others could be caused by another person’s misbehavior. In cases involving sexual harassment, individuals could easily be made to feel frightened and unsafe. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is not uncommon.

Numerous California residents have undoubtedly heard of the harassment allegations leveled against various individuals in the entertainment industry. Recently, journalist and TV personality Charlie Rose had such claims brought against him. From the late 1990s up until 2011, Rose committed acts of sexual harassment, according to eight women who have come forward as victims. The women involved were reported as being in the age range of 21 to 37 when the incidents of harassment occurred.

His actions reportedly included groping, getting naked in front of the women and making inappropriate telephone calls. As a result of these allegations, CBS News has suspended Rose from his positions as co-anchor and correspondent. Though he has apologized for his actions, Rose also questioned the accuracy of all the allegations that have been brought against him.

Experiencing sexual harassment can follow people for the rest of their lives. These events are often traumatizing, and when they occur on the job, individuals can feel nervous about even going to their place of employment. If California residents believe that they have been subjected to this type of behavior, and necessary action to rectify the situation was not taken, they may wish to speak with knowledgeable attorneys about their legal options.

Source: Time, “Charlie Rose Suspended After Eight Women Accuse Him of Sexual Harassment“, Aric Jenkins, Nov. 20, 2017

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