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When a person faces harassment on the job, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. In particular, sexual harassment can be a struggle to face head-on, even in the wake of the #MeToo movement. While many California employees are advised to go to their human resources department to file complaints regarding such harassment, not every company has an HR department.

Fortunately, individuals in this type of situation do not have to feel as if their hands are tied. They can first attempt to talk to the harasser in hopes of getting the undesired actions to stop. By making it clear that the actions are unwanted and unacceptable, a harasser may stop the unwanted behavior. Of course, if a person feels that confronting the harasser would put the person in danger, it may be best to first file a complaint with a manager.

Whether the situation is discussed with a harasser first or not, if the actions continue, the employee may want to go to the highest-ranking person in the company. This person should investigate the situation. If a worker faces a situation where no internal action is taken against the harassment despite filing complaints, the person may wish to contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Even without a human resources department, sexual harassment victims still have options for making their complaints known. Of course, addressing the misconduct is not always easy. Fortunately, California workers in this type of situation do not have to face their cases alone, and consulting with knowledgeable attorneys may help them understand their legal options.

Most people face some type of behavior in the workplace that makes then feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, some of those actions may be more serious than others, such as sexual harassment. While this misconduct takes place often, many California residents may wonder why it happens in the workplace.

Many individuals think that employers and other parties in management-type positions harass workers as a way to show their power over subordinates. However, one study indicates that individuals in positions of power may carry out sexual harassment because they feel insecure. Research apparently showed that many individuals in positions of leadership had fears of facing criticism for carrying out their duties ineffectively and reportedly harassed workers as a means of keeping their positions of power.

This type of harassment also does not simply apply men holding the highest positions. Individuals who hold shift management roles may also attempt to intimidate their subordinates. This means that if places of employment want to prevent this type of harassment in the workplace, they may want to focus their training and prevention efforts on workers at all levels and not just those in higher positions.

No matter the excuses behind sexual harassment, it is still misconduct that should not take place. If California workers have had to suffer through such actions while on the job, they may want to find out how to effectively handle complaints. If filing a complaint within the company does not have the desired results, taking additional legal action may be within the rights of harassment victims.

Many people choose to work in the nursing profession because they want to help people. Of course, coming in contact with numerous people does not always bode well. Unfortunately, it is not always patients or patients’ families that cause issue as other workers could carry out actions that fall into the category of sexual harassment.

California readers may be interested in a recent study that was conducted that involved over 6,200 nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants answering questions about sexual harassment. The survey gave stipulations regarding what actions were considered harassment. Behaviors involving sexual comments, infringing on personal space, unwanted touching and leering were the most common reported actions. It was also noted that 11 percent of the participants indicated that they had personally experienced sexual harassment while at work.

In addition to asking about the specific actions that occurred, the survey also looked at the emotional impacts of the incidents. Nearly 90 percent of participants who experienced the harassment indicated that the events were moderately to very upsetting. Additionally, 73 percent of the participants stated that the harassment interfered with their work-related abilities.

Nurses, NPs and PAs are often the first line of help for individuals struggling with medical concerns. When they are unable to perform their duties to the best of their abilities due to suffering sexual harassment on the job, many others can suffer as well. If California workers have been the victims of this type of harassment on the job, they may want to speak with knowledgeable attorneys about their options for seeking justice.

When situations become sexually charged, they can often be difficult to navigate. In many cases, the advances or other actions taken are inappropriate or unwanted, and they can make individuals feel uncomfortable. Beyond that, some actions can become so continual and excessive that they could constitute sexual harassment, which is a major issue at places of employment and elsewhere.

California readers may be interested in hearing about a woman in another state who contended with such inappropriate actions for some time. Reports stated that she worked for celebrity chef Mike Isabella and became the highest-ranking woman in his culinary business organization. Despite her success, the woman believes that the work environment accepted contempt for women and remained hostile due to the sexual misconduct that occurred.

Due to the actions she faced, the woman has filed a lawsuit claiming sexual harassment against Isabella and his business partners. She stated that she endured unwanted touching, sexual remarks, insults, rumors and inappropriate sexual advances. After one incident in which the woman alleges that Isabella suggested that another chef have intercourse with her, the woman left the restaurant where she was working. Isabella reportedly demanded that she return and then fired her.

Having to work in conditions such as these can be taxing at best and traumatizing at worst. Whenever sexual harassment takes place at work, affected individuals may want to understand what steps they can take to have the situation addressed. If supervisors or other appropriate parties do not take steps to handle complaints, workers may need to speak with California attorneys regarding their legal options.

Feeling unsafe in the workplace can be a frightening experience. Individuals who have faced sexual harassment may fear that a threat lurks behind every corner as co-workers or supervisors may have carried out the harassing acts. Even if individuals did not act in a harassing manner themselves, they may not have taken action to address or prevent the misbehavior either.

California readers may be interested in one out-of-state woman’s case involving such actions. Reports stated that the woman was an FBI agent and faced harassment from a male agent. Apparently, the other agent spread unseemly rumors about the woman and created a fake dating profile using her photo. The woman filed a complaint with law enforcement officers because the man’s behavior became so extensive. She even had to go on medical leave for undisclosed reasons associated with the harassment.

The woman then stated that she faced reprimands at work due to filing her complaint and was instructed not to discuss the issues. She later filed a discrimination complaint and was eventually fired from her job. As a result, she has filed a lawsuit against the agency for sexual harassment.

Individuals should not have to fear for their well-being or their reputation while on the job. Unfortunately, acts of sexual harassment can damage both. If California residents have faced such misconduct, they may want to consider their legal options. In some cases, it may be necessary to file lawsuits in order to have these types of situations properly addressed. Interested individuals may want to consult with experienced attorneys for more information.

Feeling harassed in any setting can be disconcerting. When sexual harassment takes place at work, it can be even more difficult to face as individuals have to return to their jobs day after day. Fortunately, individuals in this type of position can take steps to report the misconduct and harassing behaviors they have faced.

California workers may want to remember that behaviors must be continuous and troublesome to be considered harassment. If individuals believe they have valid reason to make a complaint, they may first want to review their employee handbook or policies to determine the companies stance on anti-harassment and anti-discrimination efforts. Typically, company policies will also include ways in which workers can go about filing complaints with the proper department, such as human resources, in order to have their concerns addressed.

Victims may also want to gather evidence that could help bolster their claims. Any physical evidence, such as vulgar emails or photographs from co-workers, and witness statements could work as evidence as well as documentation of when the acts occurred and who they involved. Once the claim is filed, the applicable superiors should review and investigate the situation.

Of course, not every case is handled properly. In some cases, no investigation takes place or the investigation is not taken seriously. When this occurs, victims of sexual harassment in the workplace may feel the need to take further action, and luckily, they have legal options for doing so. They could contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in regard to potentially filing a lawsuit as well as speak with knowledgeable California attorneys about viable legal avenues.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, “What to Know About Reporting Workplace Harassment“, May 25, 2018

It is not unusual for California residents to think an opportunity is going to work out a certain way only for it to be drastically different. Many individuals may feel excited to start a new job, but they may soon find themselves facing sexual harassment at work that quickly drains that excitement. Unfortunately, some people may not even realize the actions that employers take could be considered harassment.

It was recently reported that four former employees of the chain restaurant Twin Peaks have filed complaints in regard to the behavior they were subjected to while they worked at the chain. Apparently, the women had to undergo body evaluations on a weekly basis, during which managers would criticize them on their physical appearances. They would also receive “feedback” with scrutinizing comments.

The workers also indicated that they were forced to wear lingerie while on the job, and a photograph provided with the report depicts multiple women wearing such attire. Due to these actions, a lawsuit for sexual harassment has been filed against the company. The attorney involved with the case indicated that women apply to work at the restaurant for a family-friendly environment only to find themselves essentially working at a “strip joint.” The CEO for Twin Peaks stated that the company would defend against the allegations.

Individuals can sometimes feel as if they were tricked into working for a company that they wish they never had. When sexual harassment and similar unseemly actions occur on a regular basis with managers and other superiors involved, the situations can be disturbing. If California workers feel that they have been mistreated in such a way while on the job, they may want to consider their legal options for seeking justice.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Restaurant Chain Faces Sexual Harassment Charges, Workers Allegedly Forced To Wear Lingerie“, Jeremy Ross, April 26, 2018

Unwanted sexual advances, crude remarks and other actions can all fall into the category of harassment. While more light has been shed on sexual harassment in the workplace in recent months, there is still much information regarding this issue that needs discussing. For instance, many men also face this type of harassment while on the job, but most feel hesitant to bring up the topic.

California readers may be interested in new research that indicates that approximately 17 percent of harassment claims filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission are from men. Typically, the harassment begins due to other workers not viewing the men as masculine, and harassers seek to humiliate victims. In many cases, male victims worry that others will not believe them or that the situation is too embarrassing to bring up.

One individual stated that he was apprehensive about talking about the harassment he faced because he felt that, as a man, he should be able to protect himself. He faced harassment from a co-worker for three years. The final straw for him came when the co-worker put his crotch in the man’s face, and he decided to file a claim with the EEOC after his supervisor essentially told the man to ignore the actions because the other worker would retire soon.

Sexual harassment can affect anyone, and every victim should have the opportunity to make his or her voice heard. If California residents have faced this type of wrongful behavior while at work, they may wish to find out more information on dealing with the problem. While talking to supervisors may be a viable first step, additional action may be necessary if individuals in management positions do not properly address the concerns.

Source: nypost.com, “The surprising number of men who complain of workplace sexual harassment“, Tamar Lapin, April 9, 2018

Having a job can be an enjoyable experience for California residents of any age. Even young children can earn a sense of purpose and accomplishment by being able to help their parents or other adults with certain tasks. However, when older individuals face sexual harassment on the job, their experience may turn from enjoyable to frightening.

It was recently reported that a franchisee of the fast-food restaurant Arby’s is currently facing a lawsuit due to such harassment in another state. Reports stated that multiple female employees were sexually harassed by a male team leader at the location. The female workers’ ages were not given, but they were described as young. The team leader’s age was also not included in the report.

The young employees claim that the team leader made inappropriate remarks, tried to get them to have sexual intercourse with him, made requests for physical touches and even tried following them home. The claim states that the man’s actions were known and that superiors did not take action to address the harassment until one worker was physically injured. Details on the injury and incident were not given in the report. Now, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the female workers.

Sexual harassment is a serious matter, and when individuals feel threatened at their place of employment, work not only becomes dreaded but feared. If managers and other superiors do not take the proper steps to address complaints regarding such action, California victims may want to take further action. As this case shows, legal steps may prove necessary in order to seek justice.

Source: pnj.com, “Arby’s franchisee sued over sexual harassment allegations“, Mallory Moench, April 2, 2018

Being a woman in a male-dominated workplace can have many challenges. Not only do women often feel as if they have to work harder to prove themselves, they may also face mistreatment based on their gender. As most people have learned in recent months, sexual harassment in a serious problem in many industries, and in order to deal with such misconduct, legal action may be necessary.

It was recently reported that one woman in California has recently filed a lawsuit against Google after being terminated from her position there. Reports stated that the “bro culture” encouraged within the company made her work there difficult and led to her facing harassment and discrimination on the job. The woman claims that she had to contend with inappropriate comments, physical violence and other mistreatment in relation to her job.

After filing a complaint with the company, her male co-workers reportedly retaliated against her in a manner that made it difficult to successfully do her job. As a result, she was later dismissed from her position on the basis of poor performance. As a result, the woman hopes to seek justice for the sexual harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination through her lawsuit.

When dealing with such difficulties at a place of employment, it is understandable that many people may have a hard time keeping up with their duties, especially when others are purposefully working against them. If other California workers believe that they have faced sexual harassment or other mistreatment on the job, they may wish to consider legal action of their own. Speaking with experienced employment law attorneys may help them better understand their options.

Source: Fortune, “Former Google Employee Hits Tech Giant With Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Alleging ‘Bro Culture’“, Flora Carr, March 1, 2018

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