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Unpaid wages could lead to wage and hour claims

Not receiving proper compensation for services can understandably make many workers feel unsettled. California residents often work hard and put in long hours to gain an income, and losing out on earned money can make life more difficult. When workers know that their employer has not properly compensated them, they may need to take legal action in order to receive that unpaid money through wage and hour claims.

It was recently reported that such an issue took place in another state, and the company involved agreed to pay back wages to affected workers. The report stated that workers for the company carried out duties relating to filling and packaging orders for custom aerosol products. Those workers were often provided by staffing agencies, and the company attempted to use the agency to compensate the workers.

However, the company was reportedly violating wage and hour laws by not meeting minimum wage and overtime pay requirements. As a result, a claim was filed against the company as nearly 480 workers were impacted by these violations. The claim resulted in the company agreeing to pay $1 million to rectify the situation.

Because many people have a dire need for the income they earn, not being fully paid earned wages can cause serious problems. If California workers believe that their employers have violated laws regarding their pay, they may wish to find out more information on wage and hour claims. Knowledgeable attorneys may be able to provide useful information to concerned individuals hoping to gain justice for such wrongdoing.

Source: telegram.com, “Dudley firm settles wage violation claims“, Brian Lee, Nov. 22, 2017

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