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Workplace discrimination can make jobs unnecessarily harder

Most California residents know that it often takes a great deal of hard work in order to achieve success. Many people have goals in mind that they would like to achieve, and they may feel that their efforts have greatly helped them meet many of those goals. However, some parties may have to unnecessarily work harder than other people simply due to workplace discrimination.

One woman in another state faced such hardships on the job, and as a result, she took legal action. It was reported that the woman works as a structural engineer and had to deal with discrimination while trying to carry out her work-related duties. She stated that she had handled such discrimination before and overcame it by working even harder. However, the department against which she filed the lawsuit made her complete unnecessary tasks.

The woman’s claim stated that the department staff required her to meet a higher set of standards than other workers. Additionally, she stated that those standards did not have specific reason for being in place. A jury recently ruled on her case and found that the staff of the department defamed and discriminated against the woman. As a result, she was awarded $251,100.

Though some parties may think that the best way to deal with workplace discrimination is to put up a brave front and continue working, that does not have to be the only option. Discrimination should not be accepted, and if California workers feel that they have been treated unfairly in the workplace due to such actions, they may wish to find out what steps they could take to remedy the situation. Speaking with experienced attorneys could help concerned parties better understand their options.

Source: bellinghamherald.com, “Clark County female engineer awarded in discrimination suit”, Nov. 7, 2017

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