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Sneaky ways your employer tries to take away your job

“It’s not personal, it’s business,” may be a popular motto in the industry, but it is not always legal for employers to follow. The inconveniences of vacation time, sicknesses, medical treatment and maternity leave can cause employers to look for ways to indirectly fire you or get you to quit.

These methods are not legal, of course, but many affected employees do not know this. Sometimes, even employers are clueless, thinking they are just doing right by the business. Either way, if any of these situations are relevant to you, speak to an employment law attorney about protecting your rights.

  • Eliminating your position: Your employer may tell you that your position no longer exists due to restructuring.
  • Demoting you: Because of your absence, you may receive a demotion as a form of discipline, causing you to lose out on your previous pay and benefits. Alternatively, your employer may try to disguise the repositioning as a promotion, sideways move or special job just for you as a way to try to get around the law.
  • Giving your accounts to someone else: If you are a salesperson, someone else may get your accounts while you are away, and you may not get them back upon your return. Having to start over can hurt your success.
  • Hiring a new employee: Someone else may fill your position during your leave and stay in it permanently. This can lead to a demotion for you or an outright termination of employment.
  • Not making accommodations: If you have developed a disability, need to attend frequent doctor visits or pump breastmilk at work, your employer can make things difficult for you in hopes that you will quit on your own. It is important that you know your rights concerning accommodations so you can demand them from your employer instead of looking for a new workplace.

These are only a few examples. LinkedIn shares even more ways your boss may try to phase you out, such as excluding you from important communication and meetings you were once a part of.

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