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Low-wage workers may face sexual harassment in silence

Time and time again many people have unwanted sexual behaviors directed at them. In some instances, California residents may be able to brush off these actions and avoid the unseemly person in the future. In other cases, however, individuals may be subjected to sexual harassment continually at their places of employment and fear reporting the events due to possible retaliation.

This fear affected one woman who was raped on the job. She stated that she had left one position due to harassment from an employer, and while at a different job, a supervisor also began harassing her. She claimed that the man raped her after a few months of her working at her new position. She did not report the incident until several months had passed, and she was dismissed from her job soon after.

This type of situation is not uncommon, especially for women of color in low-wage jobs. These individuals may face the highest rates of sexual harassment, but their stories often go overlooked due to lacking a high-profile nature. Unfortunately, numerous people suffer in silence due to fearing job loss or other retaliatory actions.

Though many people are calling out sexual harassment in the workplace now more than ever, there are still numerous people not being heard. California residents working in low-wage jobs who feel left out of the discussion may wish to consider taking steps of their own to address the wrongdoing brought against them. Speaking with knowledgeable attorneys could help interested parties obtain information on how to seek justice and compensation.

Source: vox.com, “Women of color in low-wage jobs are overlooked in the #MeToo moment“, P.R. Lockhart, Dec. 19, 2017

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