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Workplace harassment can leave victims with detrimental effects

Facing unseemly behavior from other people day after day can take a considerable toll on individuals. When this behavior occurs at someone’s place of employment, he or she may dread going to work and face other negative effects. Workplace harassment can take negatively impact the lives of California workers, often affecting their health and well-being.

It was recently reported that a study conducted regarding the effects of workplace harassment showed that victims suffered in a multitude of ways. Individuals who were more likely to suffer from harassing actions in the workplace included those who were female, overweight, divorced or multiracial. Not only can being subjected to this type of harassment have mental impacts, it can also result in physical detriments as well.

The study took information from a 2010 health survey that included 17,500 participants. Eight percent of those individuals stated that they were harassed or bullied at work. The impacts that these victims faced included depression, sleep loss, symptoms of PTSD and stress. It was also noted that female workers showed more significant rates of experiencing certain negative effects, such as migraines and psychological distress.

When individuals must work in a hostile environment created by workplace harassment, they can easily begin to suffer these and other negative impacts. If California workers feel that they face such actions, they may wish to take steps to work toward ending the harassment. If employers, supervisors or other authority figures do not take the proper action to address the concerns, affected parties may wish to consider their legal options.

Source: safety.blr.com, “Study: Workplace harassment plagues U.S. employees“, Jan. 2, 2018

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