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Workplace discrimination can put workers in dangerous situations

It is an unfortunate reality that many people face discriminatory actions on a daily basis. These unseemly and unwarranted actions generally result when parties treat others unfairly due to skin color, religion, gender or other factors. In particular, workplace discrimination is a serious issue that can leave many workers facing unnecessary difficulties and even potential job loss.

It was recently reported that six African-American individuals in another state had filed a lawsuit against the engineering and construction company for which they worked. The company is based in California. The workers claim that over the course of two years, they were subjected to harassing actions, unfair treatment and dangerous work conditions, such as freezing temperatures and icy conditions. The workers had reported incidents of discriminatory actions, but their complaints went unaddressed.

As a result of the situation, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was contacted. Unfortunately, negotiations between the EEOC and the company did not prove successful. This stalemate led to the filing of the lawsuit. The workers hope to receive compensation for back wages, benefits and other damages. At the time of the report, no comment from the company’s legal representation had been given.

Dealing with the everyday tasks that workers face on the job can be difficult enough without the added stress of harassment and other unfair treatment. If California workers feel that they have been the victims of workplace discrimination, they may wish to consider taking legal action of their own. Consulting with experienced attorneys could help concerned individuals determine whether they have reason to move forward with claims in order to seek compensation and justice.

Source: bismarktribune.com, “Workers file suit over racial discrimination on North Dakota job site“, Jessica Holdman, Jan. 4, 2018

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