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Officers file legal claims for workplace discrimination

Many people take pride in their heritages and ethnic backgrounds. They may feel a special connection with these aspects of their lives that allow them to gain a greater sense of self. For this and other reasons, individuals can understandably feel attacked when they face workplace discrimination due to their race or other similar factors.

California residents may be interested in such a situation that four law enforcement officers in another state are experiencing. Reports indicated that the men were discriminated against in terms of their employment due to their race and ages. All four men are African American, but their ages were not given in the report. The department for which they work is reportedly 30 percent African American and 64 percent white.

The men claim they faced retaliatory actions after complaining about unfair treatment. These individuals have reportedly worked in a hostile environment, were passed over for promotions and have dealt with unnecessary disciplinary actions. It was also reported that two other officers plan to file legal complaints along with these four men after they receive their right-to-sue letters from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Instances of workplace discrimination are unfortunate but not uncommon. Still, individuals who have been in similar situations do not have to accept such unfair treatment. If California residents believe that they have been discriminated against at their places of employment, they may wish to consult with experienced employment law attorneys and find out more information on what options they may have for seeking justice and possible compensation.

Source: arkansasonline.com, “4 black Little Rock lawmen sue city over claims of race, age discrimination, hostile workplace“, Ryan Tarinelli, March 13, 2018

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