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Whole Foods face workplace discrimination lawsuit

The idea of being treated differently just because of the color of one’s skin may seem absurd, but many people face this type of issue every day. In particular, workplace discrimination can make many people feel as if they must bear the brunt of someone’s unfair treatment in order to keep their job. However there are laws that protect workers from having to deal with such mistreatment on the job, and if individuals do face wrongful actions they may have reason to take legal steps.

California readers may be interested in one out-of-state woman who recently filed a legal claim against Whole Foods. She claims that her mistreatment began after she returned from maternity leave, and a new team leader disregarded her recent return and new child by scheduling her for eight work days in a row. The woman complained about the schedule, but the team leader did not take her concerns into consideration.

The woman, who is African-American, also claims that after a white worker returned from maternity leave, the individual was encouraged to gradually get used to working again rather than being schedule for several days of work in a row. Additionally, African-American workers were apparently being dismissed at a higher rate than other workers. After the woman filed multiple complaints about the situation, she was also terminated from her job, which led to her filing a lawsuit against the company.

In a perfect world, workplace discrimination — or any discrimination for that matter — would not exist. Unfortunately, this world is far from perfect, and many people have to contend with issues such as the ones this woman faced. Those individuals in California who have faced discriminatory actions on the job may wish to consider their own legal options for addressing their situations.

Source: wtxl.com, “Woman files suit against Whole Foods for race, pregnancy discrimination”, March 8, 2018

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