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Body evaluations at restaurant lead to sexual harassment claims

It is not unusual for California residents to think an opportunity is going to work out a certain way only for it to be drastically different. Many individuals may feel excited to start a new job, but they may soon find themselves facing sexual harassment at work that quickly drains that excitement. Unfortunately, some people may not even realize the actions that employers take could be considered harassment.

It was recently reported that four former employees of the chain restaurant Twin Peaks have filed complaints in regard to the behavior they were subjected to while they worked at the chain. Apparently, the women had to undergo body evaluations on a weekly basis, during which managers would criticize them on their physical appearances. They would also receive “feedback” with scrutinizing comments.

The workers also indicated that they were forced to wear lingerie while on the job, and a photograph provided with the report depicts multiple women wearing such attire. Due to these actions, a lawsuit for sexual harassment has been filed against the company. The attorney involved with the case indicated that women apply to work at the restaurant for a family-friendly environment only to find themselves essentially working at a “strip joint.” The CEO for Twin Peaks stated that the company would defend against the allegations.

Individuals can sometimes feel as if they were tricked into working for a company that they wish they never had. When sexual harassment and similar unseemly actions occur on a regular basis with managers and other superiors involved, the situations can be disturbing. If California workers feel that they have been mistreated in such a way while on the job, they may want to consider their legal options for seeking justice.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Restaurant Chain Faces Sexual Harassment Charges, Workers Allegedly Forced To Wear Lingerie“, Jeremy Ross, April 26, 2018

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