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FBI agent fired after filing sexual harassment complaints

Feeling unsafe in the workplace can be a frightening experience. Individuals who have faced sexual harassment may fear that a threat lurks behind every corner as co-workers or supervisors may have carried out the harassing acts. Even if individuals did not act in a harassing manner themselves, they may not have taken action to address or prevent the misbehavior either.

California readers may be interested in one out-of-state woman’s case involving such actions. Reports stated that the woman was an FBI agent and faced harassment from a male agent. Apparently, the other agent spread unseemly rumors about the woman and created a fake dating profile using her photo. The woman filed a complaint with law enforcement officers because the man’s behavior became so extensive. She even had to go on medical leave for undisclosed reasons associated with the harassment.

The woman then stated that she faced reprimands at work due to filing her complaint and was instructed not to discuss the issues. She later filed a discrimination complaint and was eventually fired from her job. As a result, she has filed a lawsuit against the agency for sexual harassment.

Individuals should not have to fear for their well-being or their reputation while on the job. Unfortunately, acts of sexual harassment can damage both. If California residents have faced such misconduct, they may want to consider their legal options. In some cases, it may be necessary to file lawsuits in order to have these types of situations properly addressed. Interested individuals may want to consult with experienced attorneys for more information.

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