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Sexual harassment not absent from nursing industry

Many people choose to work in the nursing profession because they want to help people. Of course, coming in contact with numerous people does not always bode well. Unfortunately, it is not always patients or patients’ families that cause issue as other workers could carry out actions that fall into the category of sexual harassment.

California readers may be interested in a recent study that was conducted that involved over 6,200 nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants answering questions about sexual harassment. The survey gave stipulations regarding what actions were considered harassment. Behaviors involving sexual comments, infringing on personal space, unwanted touching and leering were the most common reported actions. It was also noted that 11 percent of the participants indicated that they had personally experienced sexual harassment while at work.

In addition to asking about the specific actions that occurred, the survey also looked at the emotional impacts of the incidents. Nearly 90 percent of participants who experienced the harassment indicated that the events were moderately to very upsetting. Additionally, 73 percent of the participants stated that the harassment interfered with their work-related abilities.

Nurses, NPs and PAs are often the first line of help for individuals struggling with medical concerns. When they are unable to perform their duties to the best of their abilities due to suffering sexual harassment on the job, many others can suffer as well. If California workers have been the victims of this type of harassment on the job, they may want to speak with knowledgeable attorneys about their options for seeking justice.

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