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Being fired over pregnancy issues may constitute discrimination

While most California residents undoubtedly want to feel joyous anticipation when they find out they are expecting a child, they may also have less happy feelings. In particular, working women may worry that their employers will treat them unfairly due to their conditions. While pregnancy issues often do not prevent women from working entirely, some employers do not feel the need to provide the necessary accommodations.

It was recently reported that multiple legal claims have been made in another state against Walmart. Two women indicated that they were fired from their jobs after they took time off of work to attend to pregnancy-related medical conditions. Walmart issued a statement in response to the claims which stated that they do not condone discrimination and deny the claims made against the company.

Unfortunately, pregnancy discrimination is a rampant issue in many companies. Reports indicated that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received over 3,000 pregnancy-related discrimination claims last year. While this is a real issue, proving these claims in court can be difficult without supporting evidence. Still, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act specifically works to protect pregnant individuals from unfair treatment.

Individuals who believe that they have been the victims of this type of mistreatment may want to determine what type of information could help support their claims. California workers may want to consult with legal professionals who can evaluate their cases and determine their best courses of action. Facing discrimination for pregnancy issues should not be tolerated, and parties may want to understand that they do have rights and options for addressing such wrongdoing.

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