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Sexual harassment complaints can be filed even without HR dept

When a person faces harassment on the job, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. In particular, sexual harassment can be a struggle to face head-on, even in the wake of the #MeToo movement. While many California employees are advised to go to their human resources department to file complaints regarding such harassment, not every company has an HR department.

Fortunately, individuals in this type of situation do not have to feel as if their hands are tied. They can first attempt to talk to the harasser in hopes of getting the undesired actions to stop. By making it clear that the actions are unwanted and unacceptable, a harasser may stop the unwanted behavior. Of course, if a person feels that confronting the harasser would put the person in danger, it may be best to first file a complaint with a manager.

Whether the situation is discussed with a harasser first or not, if the actions continue, the employee may want to go to the highest-ranking person in the company. This person should investigate the situation. If a worker faces a situation where no internal action is taken against the harassment despite filing complaints, the person may wish to contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Even without a human resources department, sexual harassment victims still have options for making their complaints known. Of course, addressing the misconduct is not always easy. Fortunately, California workers in this type of situation do not have to face their cases alone, and consulting with knowledgeable attorneys may help them understand their legal options.

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