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Bullying could escalate to workplace harassment

Many California residents work in competitive environments. There may only be a few positions available at a particular place of employment, or only employees in certain roles will obtain particular benefits. As a result, it can take a lot of hard work to be promoted to one of those positions. Unfortunately, the feeling of accomplishment that may come with a promotion may be short lived if workplace harassment takes place.

“Workplace mobbing” is a term used for group bullying that occurs at places of employment. Typically, several other employees may bully someone in an important position or who simply performs his or her job well in efforts to get that person to leave the job. While bullying itself is not necessarily an action that is specifically against the law, harassment is.

In many cases, bullying can easily escalate into harassing actions, and workplace mobbing is considered a form of social harassment. Often, individuals who are subjected to this type of harassment can suffer negative impacts like post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety, and they may even leave their jobs due to the toxic environment the actions create. It is also not unusual for people of color, workers considered “different” and women to especially face this workplace behavior.

Many people may think of bullying as something that happens on playgrounds and school yards. However, anyone of any age could suffer negative effects from bullying actions. If California workers believe that they have been the victims of workplace harassment due to the extent of such actions, they may want to explore their legal options to seeking justice and recompense for damages.

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