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EEOC files lawsuit on woman’s behalf for workplace discrimination

Many women in California and across the country face unnecessary stigmas when it comes to their work-related abilities. It is not unusual for women to be wrongfully considered less intelligent or less capable than their male co-workers. Unfortunately, even woman well-qualified and experienced can face workplace discrimination that can hold them back.

It was recently reported that a lawsuit has been filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of a woman in another state. The woman works for an automotive group as a sales manager and has been hoping to move up to the general manager position. However, reports indicate that she has been denied the promotion nine times in favor of male employees, even though they were less-qualified than the woman in some cases.

It was also reported that she was passed over despite outgoing managers providing recommendations for her to receive the position as she was the most qualified person for the job. The woman and the EEOC are hoping that the lawsuit will result in the automotive group using programs and policies to promote equal opportunities for women and to stop gender discrimination. They are also seeking compensation for back pay and other damages.

Workplace discrimination that mistreats a worker based on gender can easily result in a person missing out on valuable employment opportunities. If workers in California believe that they were not hired, passed over for a promotion or otherwise treated unfairly based on their gender, they may want to look into their legal options. Some cases, such as this one, may warrant legal steps to address the misconduct.

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