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Could insecurity lead to sexual harassment at work?

Most people face some type of behavior in the workplace that makes then feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, some of those actions may be more serious than others, such as sexual harassment. While this misconduct takes place often, many California residents may wonder why it happens in the workplace.

Many individuals think that employers and other parties in management-type positions harass workers as a way to show their power over subordinates. However, one study indicates that individuals in positions of power may carry out sexual harassment because they feel insecure. Research apparently showed that many individuals in positions of leadership had fears of facing criticism for carrying out their duties ineffectively and reportedly harassed workers as a means of keeping their positions of power.

This type of harassment also does not simply apply men holding the highest positions. Individuals who hold shift management roles may also attempt to intimidate their subordinates. This means that if places of employment want to prevent this type of harassment in the workplace, they may want to focus their training and prevention efforts on workers at all levels and not just those in higher positions.

No matter the excuses behind sexual harassment, it is still misconduct that should not take place. If California workers have had to suffer through such actions while on the job, they may want to find out how to effectively handle complaints. If filing a complaint within the company does not have the desired results, taking additional legal action may be within the rights of harassment victims.

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