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What are some subtle signs of pregnancy discrimination?

As you continue to work while pregnant, you may notice people around you treating you differently.

In some cases, the negative impact this reaction has may not seem apparent at first. Learning more about the signs of pregnancy discrimination can help you if you are struggling at work.

Less regular inclusion

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, your bosses may try to exclude you from possible promotions after you become pregnant. They may not send you group emails that you got before or you may have a new schedule of reduced hours, which can leave you at a disadvantage.

You may need accommodations, such as getting different kinds of assignments than usual or not having to lift items of a certain weight. This does not mean your bosses should exclude you from the workplace or possible promotions.

Sudden change in promotion schedule

Your bosses may also fail to continue with the interview process for a promotion you were in the running for before telling them about your pregnancy. If your employer previously stated that you met all the qualifications and now says that you are not able to continue the process, then this may be due to your pregnancy.

Some employers may assume that pregnant women will leave the workplace, which can lead to a hesitancy to promote them.

Hesitancy to allow time off

While you may need to go to medical appointments and other pregnancy-related visits, your employer may try to discourage you from taking time off. This kind of restriction can make it feel like you have to choose between seeking medical care for your pregnancy and keeping your job.

Staying aware of these subtle signs can help you if you notice pregnancy discrimination occurring while at work.

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