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Disability Leave In The Workplace

If you are in an accident or for some other reason are disabled and need to take leave from work, you might be concerned about what your rights are in this regard. Can your employer simply fire you because you can no longer perform your work as you once did? Is your employer allowed to give your job to someone else if you take leave? Are you allowed to take leave at all?

At Le Clerc & Le Clerc LLP, our lawyers can answer these and other questions you have. We are a premier employment law firm serving clients throughout the San Francisco, California, area. With a track record of successful employment law cases, we can ensure your right to time off work for medical care.

Your Rights

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) both provide a legal landscape in which your right to leave due to disability is protected by law. You might not receive paid time off for this, but you most certainly have the right to leave from work due to disabilities. You also have the right to return to your job when you are able and you have the right to reasonable accommodations from your employer to allow you to return to work. Failure to provide reasonable accommodations can be construed as discrimination.

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