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Various feelings of betrayal could stem from sexual harassment

Most California residents expect their workplaces to have a safe and welcoming environment. However, as many individuals have made clear, some places of employment are less than enjoyable environments in which to work. Because sexual harassment can happen at any place of employment, many individuals could face lasting impacts, including mental issues and feelings of betrayal.

Various types of betrayal could be felt after experiencing sexual harassment. For instance, a person could deal with betrayal trauma. This type of betrayal typically stems from a situation in which a harassment victim is mistreated by an employer or other higher-up with whom he or she had an otherwise positive relationship. This could be particularly harmful as it may also cause trust issues for the victim.

Some people could also experience betrayal blindness in which they try to avoid the feelings of betrayal altogether in hopes of lessening the impacts of the situation. Unfortunately, repressing negative feelings and memories could result in their showing up months or even years later. One final type of betrayal that commonly occurs from sexual harassment cases is institutional betrayal. This feeling relates to feeling that the institution did not handle complaints of harassment appropriately.

From feelings of betrayal to physical injuries to lasting mental issues, sexual harassment can easily cause substantial harm to a person. If California residents have had to deal with such misconduct in the workplace and do not feel that it was adequately handled, they may wish to consider taking further action of their own. Individuals may have legal options available to them that could help them seek justice for the mistreatment they faced.

Source: cnn.com, “How sexual harassment can affect mental health“, Julia Carpenter, Jan. 26, 2018

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