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Sexual harassment: Low-wage workers may think help too costly

With the new year well underway, many California residents hope to see positive changes taking place. For individuals who have faced or continue to face sexual harassment in the workplace, positive change is definitely a desire. Though the #MeToo movement got its start near the end of last year, it appears that many hope that 2018 will allow it to thrive.

It was recently reported that this anti-sexual harassment movement is now taking time to address the fact that this issue does not solely affect women in the entertainment industry. Though many celebrity stories reach the news more prominently, numerous other individuals in blue-collar jobs, such as restaurant workers, face these issues without as much recognition. However, the Time’s Up movement hopes to help individuals in lower-paying jobs get out from under such harassment.

Because many people who live paycheck-to-paycheck likely cannot afford the legal expenses associated with filing a legal claim, the Time’s Up movement has resulted in $13 million being raised for use by blue-collar workers to afford legal services. Many people feel stuck in jobs in which sexual misconduct runs rampant. Hopefully, efforts from Time’s Up and other actions may help these individuals have a voice as well.

If California workers feel that they are facing sexual harassment in the workplace, they may find comfort in knowing that they have legal options. Filing claims against those responsible for such misbehavior and lack of action when complaints were filed may help individuals get their lives back on track. Such steps may prove difficult, but with the right information and assistance, individuals may be able to move forward in a positive direction.

Source: fastcompany.com, “Where Will 2018 Take The #MeToo Movement?“, Pavithra Mohan, Jan. 18, 2018

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