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Most California residents expect their workplaces to have a safe and welcoming environment. However, as many individuals have made clear, some places of employment are less than enjoyable environments in which to work. Because sexual harassment can happen at any place of employment, many individuals could face lasting impacts, including mental issues and feelings of betrayal.

Various types of betrayal could be felt after experiencing sexual harassment. For instance, a person could deal with betrayal trauma. This type of betrayal typically stems from a situation in which a harassment victim is mistreated by an employer or other higher-up with whom he or she had an otherwise positive relationship. This could be particularly harmful as it may also cause trust issues for the victim.

Some people could also experience betrayal blindness in which they try to avoid the feelings of betrayal altogether in hopes of lessening the impacts of the situation. Unfortunately, repressing negative feelings and memories could result in their showing up months or even years later. One final type of betrayal that commonly occurs from sexual harassment cases is institutional betrayal. This feeling relates to feeling that the institution did not handle complaints of harassment appropriately.

From feelings of betrayal to physical injuries to lasting mental issues, sexual harassment can easily cause substantial harm to a person. If California residents have had to deal with such misconduct in the workplace and do not feel that it was adequately handled, they may wish to consider taking further action of their own. Individuals may have legal options available to them that could help them seek justice for the mistreatment they faced.

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With the new year well underway, many California residents hope to see positive changes taking place. For individuals who have faced or continue to face sexual harassment in the workplace, positive change is definitely a desire. Though the #MeToo movement got its start near the end of last year, it appears that many hope that 2018 will allow it to thrive.

It was recently reported that this anti-sexual harassment movement is now taking time to address the fact that this issue does not solely affect women in the entertainment industry. Though many celebrity stories reach the news more prominently, numerous other individuals in blue-collar jobs, such as restaurant workers, face these issues without as much recognition. However, the Time’s Up movement hopes to help individuals in lower-paying jobs get out from under such harassment.

Because many people who live paycheck-to-paycheck likely cannot afford the legal expenses associated with filing a legal claim, the Time’s Up movement has resulted in $13 million being raised for use by blue-collar workers to afford legal services. Many people feel stuck in jobs in which sexual misconduct runs rampant. Hopefully, efforts from Time’s Up and other actions may help these individuals have a voice as well.

If California workers feel that they are facing sexual harassment in the workplace, they may find comfort in knowing that they have legal options. Filing claims against those responsible for such misbehavior and lack of action when complaints were filed may help individuals get their lives back on track. Such steps may prove difficult, but with the right information and assistance, individuals may be able to move forward in a positive direction.

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Time and time again many people have unwanted sexual behaviors directed at them. In some instances, California residents may be able to brush off these actions and avoid the unseemly person in the future. In other cases, however, individuals may be subjected to sexual harassment continually at their places of employment and fear reporting the events due to possible retaliation.

This fear affected one woman who was raped on the job. She stated that she had left one position due to harassment from an employer, and while at a different job, a supervisor also began harassing her. She claimed that the man raped her after a few months of her working at her new position. She did not report the incident until several months had passed, and she was dismissed from her job soon after.

This type of situation is not uncommon, especially for women of color in low-wage jobs. These individuals may face the highest rates of sexual harassment, but their stories often go overlooked due to lacking a high-profile nature. Unfortunately, numerous people suffer in silence due to fearing job loss or other retaliatory actions.

Though many people are calling out sexual harassment in the workplace now more than ever, there are still numerous people not being heard. California residents working in low-wage jobs who feel left out of the discussion may wish to consider taking steps of their own to address the wrongdoing brought against them. Speaking with knowledgeable attorneys could help interested parties obtain information on how to seek justice and compensation.

Source: vox.com, “Women of color in low-wage jobs are overlooked in the #MeToo moment“, P.R. Lockhart, Dec. 19, 2017

Many individuals find themselves in situations that make them uncomfortable. Some of those instances may be relatively innocent but anxiety-inducing nonetheless, and others could be caused by another person’s misbehavior. In cases involving sexual harassment, individuals could easily be made to feel frightened and unsafe. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is not uncommon.

Numerous California residents have undoubtedly heard of the harassment allegations leveled against various individuals in the entertainment industry. Recently, journalist and TV personality Charlie Rose had such claims brought against him. From the late 1990s up until 2011, Rose committed acts of sexual harassment, according to eight women who have come forward as victims. The women involved were reported as being in the age range of 21 to 37 when the incidents of harassment occurred.

His actions reportedly included groping, getting naked in front of the women and making inappropriate telephone calls. As a result of these allegations, CBS News has suspended Rose from his positions as co-anchor and correspondent. Though he has apologized for his actions, Rose also questioned the accuracy of all the allegations that have been brought against him.

Experiencing sexual harassment can follow people for the rest of their lives. These events are often traumatizing, and when they occur on the job, individuals can feel nervous about even going to their place of employment. If California residents believe that they have been subjected to this type of behavior, and necessary action to rectify the situation was not taken, they may wish to speak with knowledgeable attorneys about their legal options.

Source: Time, “Charlie Rose Suspended After Eight Women Accuse Him of Sexual Harassment“, Aric Jenkins, Nov. 20, 2017

Unwanted sexual advances can unfortunately happen in a variety of locations. When sexual harassment occurs in the workplace, it may feel particularly violating as California employees generally want to feel safe at work. Because most employers want to discourage this type of action, workers may be able to follow certain procedures to report such harassment. However, sometimes filing a complaint is not always enough.

If a place of employment has a human resources department, individuals who wish to file a claim may want to start there. Representatives will usually ask questions about the situation, look into the claims further and follow up. When harassment victims prepare to file their complaints, they may wish to have as much documentation regarding the incident or incidents as possible. Emails, texts, photographs and other similar documents could work as evidence.

In many cases, HR representatives will take the necessary measures to ensure that claims are properly addressed. Unfortunately, not all representatives take complaints as seriously as they should, and they may not follow up or take other necessary steps to address the harassment. As a result, harassment victims could continue to experience negative behaviors.

When employers and other necessary parties do not do their part to address sexual harassment at work, employees may need to take further action. Filing lawsuits could be warranted in some cases, and workers may wish to find out more information on their legal options. Experienced California attorneys could provide assistance and information for how to properly address this type of harassment and how to move forward with any appropriate legal action.

Source: Cosmopolitan, “What To Do If You’re Harassed At Work — And HR Isn’t Helping“, Michelle Ruiz, Nov. 2, 2017

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